Air Conditioning Services, Repairs and Refills.

Automotive air conditioning systems over time become less effective and can break down, these failures can include problems you can’t necessarily see such as loose or leaking lines. Leaking refrigerant is not only harmful to the environment, it’s also a problem for your car. Refrigerant can damage both your vehicle’s evaporator and it’s compressor. Timely maintenance and service of your vehicles air conditioner at any sign of trouble will save you both money and time. DT AutoGraphics has the experience and equipment to keep your vehicles AC system cool, leak free and running properly.

IMG_2901In addition to servicing and repairing we also offer an AC recharge service where we evacuate the air conditioning system of the old Freon and recharge the system with brand new Freon. This includes monitoring the system’s pressure and temperature control to ensure everything is working properly on your vehicle.

When it’s hot out, we know you want a vehicle that is comfortable, let us help you make sure that your vehicles air conditioning keeps running cool.