Automotive Frame Repair and Straightening Services.

All vehicles are manufactured with very specific and extremely tight structural standards. Body panel clearances and the location of a vehicle’s parts are critical to the proper operation and appearance of your vehicle. DT AutoGraphics employs the use of computerized laser based frame straightening equipment. Using this industry specific equipment we are capable of frame adjustments for any vehicle. During this process we use software and hardware consisting of laser based markers to properly and precisely measure your vehicle against the factory OEM specifications. Once we have that information we use our frame rack and puller to return your vehicle to the manufacturer’s exact specified tolerances. All of this equipment, measuring and work is done to ensure your vehicle has the perfect placement and fit of all the affected body and structural parts. This top of the line computerized measuring system provides us with the initial damage analysis and guides us through the final repairs.

The computerized frame straightening equipment we have at DT AutoGraphics uses a vast and always updated vehicle database that allows us to quickly and properly target the exact measuring points for the best possible repair of your car, truck or SUV.