Complete Hot Rod Builds, Modifications, Services and Design.

DT AutoGraphics is a full-service rod shop, we’ve built both our reputation and the success of our business on the back of our ability to create auction ready and award winning hot rods that our customers love. We have the staff, the equipment, the tools and the skills necessary to build and produce completely custom chassis parts, panels and absolutely any type of sheetmetal fabrication that becomes necessary for your project. These hot rod specific services are all in addition to our body work, paint work, custom glass, upholstery, electrical wiring, automotive computer/controller installs, and much more. Our hot rod shop alone is a very large and open 10,000 square feet; this is without including our body shop, paint shop or maintenance shop, when all of them are added together it brings the total to a massive 30,000 square feet. Here at DT AutoGraphics we are capable of designing and producing your next project completely from scratch, we are also happy to help you with smaller projects, including modifications or updates to an existing vehicle.

img_3179We are exceptionally proud of the reputation that our hot rod shop here at DT AutoGraphics has acquired over the years, whether it’s from the happy customers or our auction ready restorations, or our latest custom hot rods winning car shows and other awards. We pride ourselves on our designs, our extensive knowledge, our incredible customer service, our finished projects and our top of the line craftsmanship.

To start your dream project you can either stop by the shop or give us a call at 303-467-9199 or you can simply email us now via our contact us page and we can help you get started.