Automotive Maintenance and Repair Services.

Today’s mechanical work is deeply embedded in technology. Cars and trucks today are run by advanced electronic systems and technically complex computers. These computers tell us how well the car or truck is performing as well as some of the problems it may be encountering. Our mechanics here at DT AutoGraphics are highly skilled and trained on the products and technology used in finding out your vehicle’s exact problem. This includes many services such as inspection of the electrical systems, the engine, the transmission, and even your vehicle’s brakes. We can easily locate faults and malfunctions and determine what to repair or replace.

We can work on just about any car, SUV or truck from any year and any make or model.

img_3356Some of the services we offer are:
– Troubleshooting
– Brakes
– Alignments
– Air Conditioning
– Electronics
– Suspension
– Engines
– Transmissions
– Axles and Drivetrains
– Intakes and Exhausts
– Wheels and Tires
– Fuel Systems
– Emissions

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